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PC3021 PLC System for Rail Vehicles

PC3021 PLC System for Rail Vehicles

Product description

The PC3021 programmable controller offers an extensive array of inputs and outputs. 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs. RS232, RS485 and Ethernet come standard. IEC61131-3 or C programmable. The PC3021 is configured with the PM3002 processor module which provides a 10/100 Mbps wired ethernet interface (via M12 connector).
User Manual  

Product Specification

Input Voltage:+16.8 to +32 VDC
Environmental:Operational -40ºC to +85ºC, 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
Processor Speed:32 bit Digi NS9360 processor 155MHz (ARM926EJ-S)
SRAM Memory:512kB
FLASH Memory:4MB
Serial FLASH Memory:16MB
Backup Battery:Data RAM and RTC battery backed via 950mAH battery
Real Time Clock:Yes
Watchdog:CPU hardware watchdog
Digital Inputs:Sixteen (16) Fixed High Side Switch (Current Sinking) Nominal Close current: 7mA at 24Vdc inputs
Digital Outputs:Sixteen (16) Fixed High Side Switch (Current Sourcing) Maximum Load Current: 1.0A at 24Vdc
Analogue Inputs:Eight (8) - 12 Bit (0 to +10Vdc, 0 to 20mA, NTC Thermistor)
Ethernet:One (1) M12 Ethernet Port with Link and Activity LEDs
Serial Communications:One (1) RS232 port (5 wire) DB9 Female Connector One (1) Isolated RS485 port (3 wire) DB9 Female Connector
Enclosure Material:Extruded Anodised Aluminium Enclosure
Enclosure Size:273 mm x 223 mm x 63 mm (including connectors)
Compliance:EN50155:1996 – Compliance with Visual Inspection, Performance Test, Cooling Test, Dry Test, Supply Related Surge and Transient Susceptibility Test, Transient Burst Susceptibility Test and Vibration, Shock and Bump Test. All digital inputs and digital outputs comply with: Fast Electrical Transient Burst as per IEC61000-4-4 to ±2 kV with performance Criteria A. Direct Transient Burst as per IEC61000-4-5 to ±2kV with performance Criteria A. All analogue inputs comply with: Fast Electrical Transient Burst as per IEC61000-4-4 to ±2 kV with performance Criteria A.
Programming:ISaGRAF V5 - IEC61131-3 (SFC, FBD, LD, ST, IL, FC) or C