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    Expansion Modules are a flexible way to increase the I/O density of the pro-teso range of Programmable Controllers.

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PC1400 Quadrature PLC

PC1400 Quadrature PLC

Product description

The PC1400provides and assortment of I/O interfaces for those difficult applications where equipment interfaces are not always straight forward. High and low side digital inputs, relay and transitor driver outputs, differential and single ended analogue inputs.

The PC1400 comes with four serial ports and 1 x Ethernet 10/100Base-T. Using the two quadrature inputs of the PC1400, the controller is able to calculate both position and direction of rotation.

Product Specification

Input Voltage:+10 to +60 VDC (Nominal 24 VDC)
Environmental:Operational -40ºC to +70ºC, 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
Processor Speed:29.4 MHz or 44.2MHz
SRAM Memory:512kB program and 512kB data
FLASH Memory:512kB
Serial FLASH Memory:Optional 16MB NAND Flash
Enhanced Memory:Optional 128MB
Backup Battery:Data RAM and RTC battery backed via 950mAH battery
Real Time Clock:Yes. 1 second resolution
Watchdog:CPU hardware watchdog
Digital Inputs:Eight (8) – 2 isolated banks. Bank 1 – Two (2) pull down. Bank 2 – Six (6) pull up.
Digital Outputs:Eight (8) open collector outputs, 500mA @ 24V DC
Analogue Inputs:Three (3) – 1 x differential AI-0 & AI-1, range : 30V (12 bit) 2 x single ended AI-2, AI-3, range : 5V (11 bit)
Ethernet:Optional One (1) - Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps via RJ-45 socket
Serial Communications:Three (3) x RS-232 ports (comm-0 to comm-2). One (1) x 2-wire RS-422 / RS-485 port (comm-3)
Protocol Support:Modbus TCP/IP (Master and Slave)
LED:1 power LED. PC1400 Two (2) – programmable indicator LEDs
Enclosure Material:Anodised Aluminium
Enclosure Size:215 mm x 75 mm x 34 mm
Terminations:Nylon “mini-fit” connectors 6 & 10 way, modular for comms ports
Programming:Dynamic C. Optional ISaGRAF V5 - IEC61131-3 (SFC, FBD, LD, ST, IL, FC)