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PC1300 Turnstile PLC

PC1300 Turnstile PLC

Product description

The PC1300 Programmable Controller is perfect for applications with lots of communications requirements. The PC1300 comes with 5 serial ports configured as 4 x RS232 and 1 x RS485. It also incorporates Ethernet 10/100Base-T.
Four (4) relay outputs with both normally open and normally closed contacts provide flexibility and isolation. These are matched with 4 x digital inputs and 4 x analogue inputs. The PC1300 also includes an 8-bit LCD bus to connect directly to low cost LCDs.

Product Specification

Input Voltage:+18 to +32 VDC (Nominal 24 VDC at 250mA)
Environmental:Operational -40ºC to +70ºC, 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
Processor Speed:29.4 MHz or 44.2MHz
SRAM Memory:512kB program and 512kB data
FLASH Memory:512kB
Serial FLASH Memory:Optional 16MB NAND Flash
Enhanced Memory:Optional 128MB
Backup Battery:Data RAM and RTC battery backed via 950mAH battery
Real Time Clock:Yes. 1 second resolution
Watchdog:CPU hardware watchdog
Digital Inputs:Four (4) - Jumper selectable pull up or pull down, referenced to 5 or 15 volts
Digital Outputs:Four (4) - Dry contact relay outputs NO, NC, COM. 24VDC at 2 Amps.
Analogue Inputs:Four (4) - Resolution 12-bit. Each channel individually configurable (in factory) as: 0 to +10 VDC or 0 - 20mA or NTC Thermistor (optimised for 2K ohm resistance at 25ºC ambient)
Ethernet:Optional One (1) - Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps via RJ-45 socket
Serial Communications:Four (4) x 5-wire RS-232 ports via modular connector. One (1) x 2-wire RS-485 port via plug/socket connector
Protocol Support:Modbus RTU Serial (Slave) optional Modbus TCP/IP (Master and Slave)
LCD:14 way header for connecting industry standard LCD character display
LED:Two (2) - Activity and Link status indicators for Ethernet interface
Enclosure Material:Anodised Aluminium
Enclosure Size:194 mm x 80 mm x 38 mm
Terminations:Plug / socket screw connectors, modular for comms ports and 0.1" DIL header for LCD display. V0 flammability rating. Wire size to 1.5mm²
Compliance:EN50155:1996 - Compliance with Visual Inspection, Performance Test, Cooling Test, Dry Test, Supply Related Surge and Transient Susceptibility Test, Transient Burst Susceptibility Test and Vibration, Shock and Bump Test. Fast Electrical Transient Burst. All DI, DO, AI and Serial Ports comply with IEC1000-4-4, Level 4 Criteria A, 2 kV voltage peak 5 kHz repetition rate as per EN50155 Section 10.2.7
Programming:Dynamic C. Optional ISaGRAF V5 - IEC61131-3 (SFC, FBD, LD, ST, IL, FC)