• pro-teso

    The perfect solution for railway sub-system control and monitoring. 20 years experience in HVAC, doors, fire protection, lighting and toilets.

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  • io-teso

    Expansion Modules are a flexible way to increase the I/O density of the pro-teso range of Programmable Controllers.

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  • com-teso

    Gateways to suit the application and the communications infrastructure available.

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  • Applications

    The Teso range of products are ideal for many sub-system applications.

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PC1 and PC3 Programmable HVAC Controllers

PC1 Programmable Controllers

OEM Technology Solutions PC1 range of programmable controllers have been designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding control and monitoring applications particularly in the rail and associated transportation industries.The PC1 controllers are low profile and are housed in rugged enclosures.

Each comes with adequate mounting points and optional DIN mounting clips. All controllers are equipped with an Ethernet por t for connection to the Local Area Network. Control and monitoring data maybe passed between controllers or onto the management system.

The controllers have been designed to operate on a wide range of supply voltage and in demanding environmental conditions, making them ideal for rail and wider transpor t applications.

The I/O on each controller may be extended by connecting addition I/O Expansion Modules to the RS485 por t. I/O Expansion Modules are available in a range of configurations including analogue and digital inputs and outputs.

PC3 Programmable Controllers

OEM Technology Solutions PC3 series programmable controller is an innovative new product for rail and transportation market and is ideal for applications such as rail air conditioning systems.

The PC3 is extremely configurable; select the number and type of PC3 I/O from a wide range of modules. More details. Choose your configuration and create your own industrial single board controller. The PC3 has been designed specifically for high reliability applications such as in the rail industry. The controller has been designed to comply with the strict railway standard EN50155 for electronic equipment used on rolling stock.

The PC3 supports international programming standards IEC61131-3 .

maintenance software interface

The PC3 is optionally available with a powerful web based maintenance software interface.
Features of the interface:
  • User programmable and fully configurable
  • Real time monitoring and control of your PC3 application
  • Graphical user interface
  • PC3 datalog, event log and CSV file download
  • Support for up to 8 languages
  • Direct to hard disk variable recording and playback capability (on-line and off-line)
  • PC3 software upgrade facility

international programming standards

IEC61131-3  – The IEC compliant programming workbench is a complete programming environment used to develop highly portable applications.
It fully supports all IEC61131-3 languages:
  • ladder diagram 
  • structured text
  • function block diagram 
  • instruction list
  • sequential function charts 
The Windows based programming environment  provides tools for editing, debugging, code generation, documentation, library management, archiving, on-line monitoring, off-line simulation and on-line changes.

iecTeso includes pre-certified function blocks for major TCMS protocols including MVB, UDP, CANopen, LONWorks, MELCO HDLC and COSMOS.
The PC3 is also available as a “C” programmable device offering Linux, Windows CE and ThreadX operating system support.