• pro-teso

    The perfect solution for railway sub-system control and monitoring. 20 years experience in HVAC, doors, fire protection, lighting and toilets.

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  • io-teso

    Expansion Modules are a flexible way to increase the I/O density of the pro-teso range of Programmable Controllers.

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  • com-teso

    Gateways to suit the application and the communications infrastructure available.

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  • Applications

    The Teso range of products are ideal for many sub-system applications.

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I cannot communicate with the controller. What could be the problem?
Can I use standard ISaGRAF as a programming tool for the PC1 and PC3 Series Controllers?
What IP address should my PC be set to for connecting PC3?
How can I change the PC3 Controller’s IP address?
How do I ping an IP address?
Why do I receive an Error Code 1 for short period of time on a digital output?
What is causing Error Code 2 to be raised?
I get Error Code 3, how do I calibrate the module?
How do I stop an Error Code 4?
Why is the PLC reporting an Error Code 5?
My power supply is on, but I’m getting an Error Code 6?
I’m getting some incorrect values on my analogue inputs whenever I apply a signal?
How do I detect an open circuit in one of my analogue inputs?
Why there is no variable web display and FTP utility on Web Interface?
Why iecTeso workbench doesn’t allow me to compile the program?
Why the changed JPanel color doesn’t show up in the custom variable display?
What is the reliability of the PC3?
When downloading application to PLC, the download percentage fails between 10% to 99% and receives DTA server system error0 or DTA Server system error 2000051b in the output log?
Does PC1 Series Controller support Datalog and Eventog?
Why did I receive ‘Running version doesn’t match compile version’ when debugging the target after a successful compilation and download?
The FTP server is responding slowly.
My I/O are behaving strangely and the values in iecTeso do not match the physical values.
My iecTeso software will not run after downloading successfully to the controller.