• pro-teso

    The perfect solution for railway sub-system control and monitoring. 20 years experience in HVAC, doors, fire protection, lighting and toilets.

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  • io-teso

    Expansion Modules are a flexible way to increase the I/O density of the pro-teso range of Programmable Controllers.

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  • com-teso

    Gateways to suit the application and the communications infrastructure available.

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  • Applications

    The Teso range of products are ideal for many sub-system applications.

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heating, ventilation and air conditioning

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control system within an onboard railway application needs to be reliable, accurate and resistant to shock and vibration. Rail passengers demand comfort whether the temperature is extremely hot or cold outside the vehicle.

The train saloon should be a place of comfort and relaxation. The engineers at OEM Technology Solutions are experts at understanding the requirements of rail HVAC control systems and have applied innovative techniques in the design of our electronic hardware and associated firmware for the controller. The result is a complete range of HVAC controllers suitable for the railways industry. All controllers have been designed to comply with the strict railway standard EN50155 for electronic equipment used on rolling stock.

train location server

Our customer required an EN50155 compliant train location server to integrate into their existing tram fleet. The requirement was for a high reliability controller to provide a GPS location, to extract data from the existing ticketing machine and the existing odometer and to communicate position and passenger data to and from a shore based computer using 3G cellular communications.

Our proTESO range of programmable controllers was the perfect choice for this application as all the electronic building blocks were available off-the-shelf. The product development involved software development of the low level drivers and design and manufacture of a custom 19” enclosure.

train door controls

The proTESO range of Programmable Controllers was selected for an external train door control and safety override solution. Our customer required a railway compliant and certified product and the support of a company with railway industry experience for the provision of software development services to the EN50128 standard.

OEM Technology Solutions was chosen for this train door control project as we complied with all of our customer’s requirements. The door controller system provides the necessary dual communications system architecture via the combination of Ethernet and RS485.

train toilet controls

Train toilet systems are essential for intercity and high speed trains for passenger comfort. As a result, the train toilet control system must be highly efficient and reliable to ensure minimal water usage and water recycling wherever possible. The toilet control system is responsible for delivering high pressure water to clean the toilet and removal of waste via a vacuum system.

The proTESO Programmable Controller has been chosen by a train toilet sub-system supplier because of its ease of programming, its modular nature, and because of its extensive suite of TCMS interfaces – including Ethernet, MVB, CANopen and LONWorks.  This allows the base proTESO controller to be used for all of our customer’s toilet control system applications and additional I/O or TCMS interfaces added on a project by project basis as needed.